I collapse on my bed and pick up my book, The Ask and The Answer. Typically, the bookmark falls out and I have to flick through to find my place. I just find the page when my phone buzzes. 

1 New Message

From: Ayasha

Hey Symph come over quick Aya x

I close the text and phone Ayasha.


"Hey Aya, what's with the cryptic text?"

"Well, I found this girl in the park next to the lake, soaking wet, she says her name's Pandora."

"Isn't that some girl from Greek mythology? And what's it got to do with me?"

"I brought her back to dry off, but there's something... odd, about her. Please come over, I want you to meet her. Please?"

"Okay, I'll come, give me ten minutes. Bye!" I hang up, grab my jacket and walk down the stairs, wincing at the second one from the bottom, it creaks like hell.

I walk round to Ayasha's, and ring the bell.

The End

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