Dylan: What's wrong with me?Mature

We get back home, Aya rushes Pandora upstairs leaving me downstairs. Pandora... who is she? She, she seems so familiar... So...different, unique...

I pace by the huge mirror on the mantel piece, I look at myself. Me and Aya couldn't be more unalike. Instead of being as tanned I have only the faintest tinge of golden in my skin. My eyes are sea blue, with a smidge of forest green around the outside. I'm tall where Aya's a little shorty, I smirk, ruffling my light brown hair. I'm only a year and a half older than Aya, but it shows in the corners of my eyes

I hear Aya tumble down the stairs, I turn to the door, my eyebrows raised. "You want to be any louder Aya? I'm sure the south pole may have missed you..."

"Yeah, funny," she says shortly, dancing into the kitchen.

I follow her through, "Pandora settling well?"

Aya turns to me, her eyebrows raised, head tilted. "Yes, she's having a bath... You like her don't you?" Laughter rings out in her voice.

"Wha- I-I-I have no idea what yo-" She cuts me off by laughs as my face warms up, she taps my arm lightly still laughing, turning the kettle on. What is wrong with me?

The End

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