Pandora: ShiverMature

I walk slowly. The girl Ayasha is tucked under her brothers arm happily. He's interested in me.

I don't know how I heard..... well I think my hearing has been multiplied by a million. I can still her the swish of the lake, still hear sound of feet in the part of the forest close to the small town.

It's incredible. I look to my left and focus my eye sight on a rabbit about 30 metres out. It's crystal clear.

"Are you okay?" I turn to look at Ayasha and smile.

"I'm fine a bit cold" I say. Which is a total lie. I'm freezing to the bone and I'm flipping excited. The cold while slightly annoying doesn't seem to bother me.

"We're almost there" the brother says.

"I never asked your name?" I say.

"Um... Dylan" he says looking across at me.

"I find it so unfair he's so much taller than I'll ever be" Ayasha says pouting but the smiles.

"Here we are"

I look up in front and gasp. It's a beautiful cottage and something's strange non of the lights are on.

"Are you sure your parents are home?" I ask.

"They probably popped out we're running low on bread" Ayasha says. Then walk inside and I look back behind me. I feel like some one or something is watching me.

I frown. "You coming?" Dylan asks.

I nod then slowly make my way inside the house. Once I step it the whole tempreture changes.

"Wow, its warm in here" I say shocked.

"They left the fire running that's not like them must of left in a rush" Ayasha says standing up by the fireplace which cotains a happily burning fire.

I stare at it and it flicks suddenly causing me to jump but once I look back its clearly normal.

"Come on, lets get you out of those clothes.... I think a Warm bath will help and I'll fetch you some of my clothes" Ayasha says all this as she leads me up the stairs.

A nice warm bath and some clothes will be nice...... but I'll have to leave before they realise that I'm not pale white cause I'm cold, that its cause my heart stopped beating.

Also I can hardly tell them also that the reason their parents left in a hurry is cause they heard about the sinking car....... How do I know that?

Ayasha looks back at me cause of my sudden stop. What's with it with this girl?

Oh, shoot..... please don't tell me that I can read her thoughts.

The End

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