Tork: On a walkMature

"Anthony , Mork , Julians get back here!" My mother yells at me.

" I'll be back in an hour. I'm sure Aunt Matilda, and Uncle John can live without insulting me for an hour." I replie grabbing my Green, and blach hoodie with a intricate flame desing drawn all over it. I pulled the hoodie over my dark blond hair which flattens it natural upwards curls. The hair is pushed into my forest green eyes. I brush it to the side with my hand. I'm about average hieght for seventeen year- old.  I'm also pretty skinny making it easy for me to slip through the crowd and disapear.

I Hated my Mom's side of the family they took this liking to insult me on every action every aspect of my life. I'm not sure why the hate me so much. My mom doesn't like me much either.  I guess she would call me a mistake. My Dads the opposite of my mom though. He doesn't think I'm a mistake, and would go out of his way to make me happy. It confuses me how my parents married , or still love each other.

It was pretty dark out but it didn't matter much I liked this time of the day best.

" Hey Tork." I hear a familiar voice of the Nick

" Hey Nick. Why you out?" I ask

" Just going to a party. Do you want to come?" He say

" No Nick I don't I hate parties."

" Cause your a loser." He teases

" Sure." I shrug and contiue walking down to a trail.

" I don't get it. Your middle name is Mork, and your first name is Anthony. I thought your name was Tork?" Nick questions

" So you heard my mother. Well I hate those names , so I fused them together sorta into Tork." I explain.

" You don't like much do ya Tork?"

" Sure. Can you go to your party now? Sorry to be rude but I want to be alone." I say

" So you don't like my company either?" He says, I give him the I'm going to punch you out look.

" Okay okay. See ya later Mr depressing." He smiles and jogs back up the trail lighting a cigarette. 

I came up on a fork on the road a sign that read lake.

"I think I will be longer than an hour." I mutter to myself. 

The End

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