Beautiful CurseMature

Pandora died, well thats what she and everyone else. But then she wakes no heart beat but still breathing. Her blood frozen in her veins and there's the drastic look change.
Then she discovers that the goverment have discovered her survival.
They know what has happened to her but Pandora dare risk going to them just to discover more of her Beautiful Curse.


My throat burns as the ice cold water suffocates me, drowning me. It hurts it hurts so much. I can hear my family's screams as well.

My little brother, My mother and father all drowning with me. Then its gone I can't stay concious no longer. I past out into black oblivion.

My eyes flicker open and I stare up at the sky. Its night.

I bolt up into a sitting position and look around. My clothes are soaked gripping to my skin. I take in a small breath and it scratches my throat.

I wince and then look around me. Where's my Family? Did they survive too?

But as soon as I think it I know that they couldn't have. How am I still alive?

I get to my feet then stumble falling back to the floor. The lake lies out in front of me.

I feel scared. I look down at my body. I have a large gash across my chest..... and its not bleeding.

I watch the skin slowly heal back together. I would have thought it to be impossible for such a wide wound had I not been watching it heal.

Then I realised it. With all this fear and cold in my limbs shouldn't my heart be thundering against my chest.

But I don't feel it. Not one beat and I put a hand to my chest in shock. My hearts stop beating why aren't I dead?

I scramble over to the water and look at my reflection. I gasp/cry in shock clamping a hand to my mouth.

A girl with wet Dark blondish curls that fall half way down her back stares back with golden eyes, her face is thin and has high cheekbones, her lips are full and a pinkish red, her skin is a milky white, her eyes are wide ovals and her nose is small.

How can this be me? But it is me. When I turn my head so does the girl in the mirror.

What happened to me?

One minute I was dieing in the car in the lake with my family the cold waters burning my throat. And then I wake up on the edge in the forest my whole facial structured changed..... well more of my features stand out and both my hair and eyes have changed color.

I slump back not being able to stare at my reflection no longer.

"Well, hello there?" I turn to the young male voice.

The End

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