Beating the Block

Using writing prompts to get out of that meh writing phase.

What do you think people's first impression of you is? 

Strange. She is so strange.

That uneven stride, metallic grin and wild(ish) mane of hair don't do much to take away from the fact. Zoning out half the time, staring at her desk or the wall. 

I mean, she seems so...dumb. Does she even realize she doesn't belong here? Not in this program, not in this school, not in this world.

Nobody wants to hear whatever uninteresting drivel she spews out. She is boring. Boring. How can she even smile, laugh, live knowing that? 

Her eyes are too close to the colour of her nearly-black hair and the dark circles around them only bring out their insanity. 

She is so strange. 


The End

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