Be of Good Courage

As of today, I've decided that being afraid is a petty idea meant to scare the could-be-great ones into being ordinary. I am so tired of waiting for the other shoe to drop. Of waiting for someone to tell me they don't like me, what I'm wearing, what I look like, what I believe in. The word exhausted doesn't begin to convey how weary I am of being afraid or too nervous. You know what, sometimes fear is in the way of doing something great.

What if Benjamin Franklin was afraid of lightning?

If Paul Revere was terrified of horses?

What would have happened if Rosa Parks was cowed into submission and moved to the back of the bus?

What would happen if I said a simple "hello" to people I was convinced had no need of it? We never know what the eventual outcome might be when we jump across that barrier, even if just for a moment. That person might be forever changed, and I know we will. Conquering fear with one deed a day is outrageously addictive. It feels good to be in control, and those short moments when human beings have taken a leap into the void have led to the most praised moments in humanity.

Why can't we be next?

The End

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