Battle Of The Bands

okay i was bored and inpisered by music

Sunday 30th/October/2011

Dear diary

Tomorrow is the final of battle of the bands! And we The Outcasts are in it! Who would have thought our little four person band from Ireland would beat all of those AMAZING bands and be in the final 3! We were such a mess when we were called out to be in the final, I swear you could have heard me in Russia with the screech I let out of me! Carden just cried (I know so manly), Smokey did a cart wheel (I’m not kidding) and Omen was jumping up and down and clapping like a child!

I’m actually really excited but also terrified about tomorrow. I’m also really sad because when all this is over and we all go our separate way, I’m really gonna miss all of the wonderful people I meet while I was here. I think the people I’m going to miss most will have to be Lisa from Tarot, Emma from Persia Nights and then of course my BFF Vicky from Ark Angels of Glory.

Tonight were all going to have rehearsals. Oh I’m so nervous! I don’t want to mess up! Being the drummer is so hard! If Smokey or Omen mess up it’s not that noticeable but I’m the main time keeper and I’m the loudest so if I mess up it’s SO obvious. Everyone is always like “Oh poor Carden he has to sing and remember all those words!” i’m like he doesn’t have to concentrate on 7 things at once!

To make it more nerve racking were are going be performing in front of the biggest names in Alternative Rock history: Green Day, My Chemical Romance, Fall out Boy and Panic! At The Disco. So you can say I’m pretty nervous.

Love Wednesday XO

Monday 31st/October/2011

Dear Dairy

1stHappy B-Day Frank Iero you my Hero!

2ndOMG! We WON! I can’t believe it! I’m still in shock!

We had to sing 5 songs, we did 1) Alpha Dog by Fall Out Boy 2) Fences by Paramour 3) Lost In Stereo by All Time Low 4) Underdog by You Me At Six 5) Marching On by One Republic.

All the songs went great, we were a little if-y about Marching on because it takes awhile to get into it but once we did the place went wild, and we even got a standing obviation! At the end of the song Carden was nearly in tears and my hands were sore but we got thru it and we won!

After the show all of the special guests came over to congratulate us! I was so star struck I didn’t even know what to do. I’m just so relived its over and we won and that we can go home with our heads held high.

Love Wednesday XO

Wednesday 1st/January/2012

Well it’s been 3 months since we won and a lot has happened and all for the good. We have a bigger fan base for one and our version of Marching On is a Number 2 in Ireland. We are going on tour with My Chemical Romance as a support act and we even got asked to go on Kerrang Tour! I can’t wait! For the future we hope to sell as many records as possible but also stay true to ourselves which is more important than anything.

Love Wednesday XO

(p.s note to self don’t not ever eat Firelighter as a dare again!)

The End

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