Balloons and Horses

A boy is hopelessly in love with his long time best friend...but is it hopeless?

I loved the way she said “balloon.”  She said it as if she were blowing bubbles.  I was in love with Crystal.  All throughout junior high and high school, we were the best of friends.  We told each other everything and hung out all the time.  But that’s all I thought we were.  I was in love with her, and couldn’t find the courage or words to tell her because I thought it would ruin our friendship- the most important thing in my life.  I was scared to be in love with her.  I was scared that she would never love me back and I would be alone all my life because I couldn’t get over the first girl I truly loved.

On graduation day, we walked out together.  It truly represented our friendship well because we were close, and everyone knew it.  We had always walked everywhere together, and now we were walking into our futures together.  I remember going to orientation week at college with her.  Yes, we were going to the same college, for the same thing.  We both wanted to be paleontologists.

I watched her date other guys.  They were never together for very long, and when they’d break up, she’d come running into my arms, upset and crying like she had throughout our friendship.  I never told her though.  I still hadn’t told her, and we were in college.  We spent so much time together that we were always asked if we were dating, to which we would always reply in unison, “No!  Ew!  We’re best friends.”  I always thought she was being serious.  I always assumed that she really thought I was “ew-worthy.”

On one fateful day, all that changed.

The End

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