Lunch BreakMature

"I'm sorry but if your best friend went crazy and murdered Courtney Williams would you press charges?"

"I have a best friend," asked Jason.

"Shut up, Jase. I'm serious."

"You're serious about murdering Courtney? Wow, I need a new best friend," he smirked.

"Ugh. You know what I mean. You know how she is, Jase."

Third period was terrible and when I say terrible I mean terrible.

Courtney wouldn't shut up and I was really trying to pay attention. Well, appear as if I was paying attention. The instructor repeats the same thing every year and it's boring of course but, I still want to appear as if I'm listening.

All she would do is gossip about Luke Johnson, her so called ex-boyfriend that she dumped during the summer because "all he would do is flirt with other girls."

I agree that Luke is a total player. Of course he's drop dead gorgeous but all he does is toy with other girls' feelings. No, I'm not a victim of Luke's game but I know Courtney is.

She didn't break up with him, it's obvious. During the summer, I went to the pool a lot. I saw Luke a lot with other girls, checking them out in their bikinis and then the next day bringing a different girl. Everyday Jase and I were there, I'd always complain of how disgusting that was.

Since it's Jase, his usual response would be, "I know right. Luke brings a different girl everyday and I'm stuck with one."

"Shut up," would be the only comeback I could think of.

I know what Luke did to Courtney is wrong but doesn't she have a friend she can tell all her rumors about Luke to besides me.

Jase grabbed at the half of sandwich I had neglected at the corner of my plate.

"You gonna eat it?"


He shoved the half of sandwich in his mouth.

"Em, it's one class, that's not so bad. At least you don't have a total wuss in gym."

Jason is the only person in the world that I don't mind him giving me a nickname. We met several years ago and practically became best friends. I don't go anywhere he doesn't and neither does he. Even though I hate when others call me names that aren't my own he manages to.

I laughed, "What do you mean? Don't tell me you got Brendan's sorry butt in your gym class, do you?"

"Oh no, it's much worse. If Brendan had a baby with lazy, this kid would be it. His name's Gavin Lee. He's not cut out to be in athletics and I really don't know why he's there. Doesn't do sprints, cant run a mile, oh but he can lift. Yes, he can lift about a pound and that's it."

"You're so mean, I swear. He can't be that bad. So what if he's not as athletic as you. You're a freakin superhero in athletics."

Which was true. Jase was good at any sport, could outrun any player, and could still make me walk with him to McDonald's for three burgers.

He laughed, "You're funny, Em. You should know this by now, any person in athletics that can't be an athlete and doesn't even try is an enemy of the both of us."




The End

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