Geebs: Unofficial

She wasn't supposed to be mine.
Was I too late on the uptake?
Twist of fate,
Running, running out of time?
Or bang out of order.

She wasn't supposed to be mine,
But she didn't think so,
For a time,
 Neither did I,
Her head on my shoulder,
Growing bolder,
We can't,
Yet we can.

She wasn't supposed to be mine.
Her smile told me otherwise,
Her sparkling eyes and gentle touch,
Her soft hair and softer lips,
Am I falling?
What is this feeling?
We're officially an Unofficial relationship?

Wasn't she supposed to be mine?
Her heart ever tender,
Yet belonging to another?
Why betrayed by fate?
Was this a mistake?
Running out of time.
I'm out of line,
"And out of order!"

Yet aren't you still mine?
No mistake.
It's fine,
I don't mind.
You have another,
Yet still together,
You and I.
Not public,
We hide in the grass and out of sight,
Our words are a silent chorus,
An echoing whisper,
Apart but forever touching,

Just touching.

We'll have to keep it unofficial. 

The End

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