In the 1800's if your a woman and your interest in sex is considered overt you could be sent to a mental institution to fix the problem.

It was the future.  A time that would be called the industrial revolution. There was much reveling and rejoicing. But there was little actual change. Those who drank just drank more. Those who made money simply just made more. The middle class was full of gin drinkers and the poor where dead. There was not social climbing only semantics.

But aww...the revelry. There were so many notable creations and improvements. The patients at Knox  Asylum for Ladies they could have done without the improvement of iron work. As far as they were concerned there was no improvements they still bite into the skin. They were concerened how the scars would look to gentleman callers. One only had two three years before they were firmly set on the shelf. A woman certainly didn`t want to spend those years looking like damaged goods. Doctor Liam Clare ofcourse had these concerns in mind. That`s why he did the most advance procerdures and helped the women keep their girlish figures. But that`s not why the Worthe`s choose this facility.

The Worthe family had a burden. They called her Lily becuse when she was born the nurse swore she appeared as delicate as a flower. That was before the collic. Mrs. Worthe saw it as a blessing. A woman should be born senstive and fragile.  Mr. Worthe saw it as bothersome, and promptly ordered the nurse to fix the infant a sleep aid of whisky and honey.  As she grew into a toddler she showed more of a preferance for darker beers. It became difficult for a twelve year old to get drunk. Mrs. Worthe made liquor scarce. By then as children often do they learn how to get what they want by manipulation, lies or they cliched kicking and screaming. Lily`s weapon of choice was lying. She would go down to the village and purchase liquor for her father. No one ever commented that they had never seen the lord drink more than one glass of wine. There was much gossip when the lords daughter was seen in the village taverns more and more. It was there she learned about the ``Bellow the stairs job``.



The End

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