Fight Against Bullying ♥Mature

This show puts things in perspective.

My emotions are insane at the moment and I was crying before for something that now, means nothing.

Maybe it still hurts but the crying is unnecessary because it is over; it's over and I don't need to cry any more.

He's here for me.

Not right now because he's asleep but he is here for me in general and I'm okay now.. I don't have to cry, I can smile and be happy and I can trust him to be there for me and that is such a happy thing. I do not need to cry.

I am watching Extreme Makeover Home Edition. The family on it had a son/brother/nephew/grandson who was bullied, severely in school and one day he came home and decided he couldn't take it any more.

A mother, two sisters, a brother, an aunt and a grandmother lost that boy because of bullying. I've been crying now for about half an hour non-stop... the mother - instead of sitting down and crying for the rest of her life - chose to make a stand and she's fighting against bullying now...

She used to come home every day and one of her family members would ask how she was and she would just break down and cry because it was so hard living in the house where her son had hung himself...

The entire family avoided the upstairs for two years and now they're getting a new house...

I just felt the need to share that all with anyone who's listening.

Oh and for the record, my crying was not about bullying I just thought that this put everything into perspective any way.. -sniffs and continues crying- ♥

The End

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