Sorry That I'm UselessMature

Over the past two weeks I've cried more than I've cried in the past year..

I don't know what's wrong with me..

I burst into tears a moment ago because some lovers on Glee started singing a duet together and I thought of you touching my chin yesterday. Simple.
You titled my chin up, looked at it and frowned.
It embarrassed me. That wasn't why I just cried. I don't know why I just cried.

Somehow, that little nothing act just made me cry.

Being upset is killing me... I hate crying. It's wrong, dirty, broken.. I hate being broken.. he was broken and he had a right..
That's all I think when I cry... that he never did. And when we went away and he cried.. it was because things were that bad... and he had a reason to cry and I do not.

I hate crying. I don't deserve to let it out...

I've cried three times in the past few hours...
So sad.. why is it so sad?

The world crushes people..

And I want to hurt them.. for not.. I just want to hurt them.

Why do they get to feel great?

What the hell is wrong with everyone?

She blackmailed her best friend.
He dated his best friend's ex girlfriend.. after stealing her and turning her down once..
They all turned against him because he was stuck on one girl.
They smashed a ^!@%ing window for no &*##ing reason.
They all bullied this one boy to the point that he wouldn't even go to school because he had a disability.
They picked on her because her name was strange and sounded like a patté or something. Everyone in her class. And so many people out of the class... and she just took it.
Then they turned on her, because she wasn't good enough? Because she was just a joke?
He never wanted her once he changed because being up himself was more important then a lovely little red-head.
Her parents didn't have time to care about the blood on her sheets.
His family were too angry at themselves to keep themselves from taking it out on him.
So many people hide themselves in weed, fags, alcohol..
They 'pretended/pretend to be his friend.. then make fun of him'...
They never wanted him because he's different..
They made fun of her because she's a lesbian. What fucking times are they living in?
Teachers tell students they have no chance in life.
Parents tell kids they don't give shit what they do with their lives.
Parents kick their kids out.
Parents hurt their kids.
She turned the school against her best friend because she was pissed off.

Why is this world so fucked up?

Why do I bother to get upset..?

I can't change anything... 

The End

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