History Was Always My Least Favourite Subject...Mature

Fittingly, I'm still in the past.

Matt saw me on facebook, he's working days today and he's been working nights so he was awake all night with me. We talked about a lot of things, even had a little heart to heart. Talked about past, we were talking about two different people entirely..
I don't really know who he was talking about.. it may have been me but then.. probably not.
I was talking about Rai.

He came online and I saw his name flick up at the side.. I couldn't remember why we stopped talking so I read our 'recent' conversations.. otherwise known as the ones from about six months ago.

I feel sorry for that girl..

Mind if I ask what you told her?

What do you mean, how I felt about you before?

Yeah. I can't expect you to feel that way anymore, obviously

I don't know..
I was thirteen and you were at least the second most important thing in my life..

oh god.
I'm so sorry.......

It took a boyfriend and a half ..
Trusting hurts.. 

Matt says 'take care'. I didn't realise until a few minutes ago.

The End

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