Remembering againMature

I wish I wasn't like this. I wish I could just.. stop the past.. from existing in my mind. Still now everything hurts and no matter what I've said, they still hurt.

I can think back to year eight and still Chris makes me want to cry.
Still Devil upsets me. How he never wanted me anyway. All the self-harm threats..
Even Matt.. and Bella.. all so sad..

All of it makes me want to cry..

Triggers which I bring upon myself.

Asking questions I know the answer to.
About things I don't want to know.

He showed me his chest and I wanted to throw up.

Her legs.

Remember her legs Josie? Course you do. Image never leaves your head for long. Every time you look at her face you remember her telling you. Every time you look at her legs you remember that image..

I can't think anymore.. so tired of thinking..

Josie.. please just.. stop..

The End

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