Don't Tell Me I'm Sick..Mature

Mum will be mad when she gets home. I've done nothing today.

I just can't focus.
He's on my mind, every second, every minute... but that isn't the problem with focus.

My head is killing me now too and I think I'm hungry. It's past lunch in school, we would have all been laughing and smiling by this point. Having fun amongst each other.. playing uno perhaps.

Been two days and I already miss school.

Been one day and I already miss him.

I feel nauseous.
That isn't one of the symptoms so fuck knows what's wrong with me.

It says to contact your GP if you find blood. I found blood. I'm not going to contact anyone.

There are four symptoms.
I have three and a half.
And today I gained another which wasn't on the list.
And I have a headache though I've been drinking water like it told me to.

If this gets worse..
I have a feeling I won't see him tomorrow..

Some Valentine's day.

I'm so hungry..
I should do the washing up.. 

The End

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