Sleepy SoCMature

I need to be working but I'm just so.. tired..

I was hoping protagonize would wake me up but..

Agh, I miss my phone. I wish I could go to your house and get it tomorrow D: I need my source to you.. without that phone I can't speak to you.. it's bad enough not being with you but being near enough incapable of talking to you?

I'd ring but.. I don't know your house number and you wouldn't talk to me; one of those guys who pays more attention to games than girls - girlfriend or otherwise - when the girl isn't physically in the room -sigh-

Need.. to.. wake.. up.

So angry that I don't have that stuff for the controlled assessment. I want so badly to work on my geography >.> I know I need to do the hydraulic radius calculations but I don't understand them and apart from that? F*ck knows.


Bet Heidi's f*cking finished.

Too tired..

The End

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