What If?Mature

My head is so all over the place.

I fully repeat myself..

It's been just under three months since I really met you..

such a whore..

The same night I should have been with him, that was what was expected of me.

If I'd have fought his step-parent, if he'd have stayed..

How different everything would have been..

How glad I am that I didn't.

Then again, they may not have broken up.

But she would have broken up with him for another reason I guess, you all seemed to expect it~ my refusal to fight just sped it up. Hey, it's blame yurself day!

It is true though. If I had made him stay it is extremely likely that everything would be different.

I never would have really met you.
But, I was always so intrigued by you.. I wanted to know you..
I would have gotten to know you eventually but there with an mp3 player and a room of sleeping people was perfect; a perfect way to meet someone..

How different things would be..

But then, if I want to go down the what if root then there are a lot of things I could say.

Not necessarily in relation to you.. just generally.

What if Matthias had never existed!? Jesus, me and Matt might have still been together! No.. no we wouldn't have. I was practically f*cking Kitten when I was with him, Matthias' existence had no part in that.

If Kitten had never come to this school..?

Then I would probably still be with Matt..

I'd also probably still have no friends..

Then again, I still would have met the boys on the geography trip..

what if I had stuck it out with Jacob?
Or Chris?
Or Devil?

But why would I want any of that? I like things the way they are! I'm happy!! I'm so happy.. 

The End

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