Broken Poetry For A Playlist Of HurtMature

Memories are fresh
As my mind falls back
To a wish to feel smaller
Under your sheets.

Once, the innocence
was brilliant
Back before the worst,
Before we met
Before a change in the weather
Made us so wet and we
watched it pour 
Hopes to sigh no more 
As we realised we were
Close enough to start a war. 

But now, be my friend
For opposites always attract 
And so we'll both
Always come back.
All these details in the fabric 
Have fallen into habit
And though maybe I've
Forgotten what it feels like to
Feel like I'm worth it,
 have you? 

You were the one thing I needed 
To walk away from
Because love. Is. Hard.
But not that hard.
You needn't have melted
my heart to stone
So I was left making up the past
And travelling endlessly feeling alone. 

Look inside my heart
And be amazed.
No longer scared of lonely
No longer ever fazed.

Now as autumn turns leaves
I'm telling you, please
Don't waste your time on me.
You are the only thing I know
Taught me to live half a life so:

In our 'family portrait'
We may have looked pretty happy
But I'm telling you, no longer
Will I lay here
For you to lay with me, my dear. 

The End

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