Awakening the EndMature

This is a simple summary of one of my characters, the Lord of Darkness, Xeranad Lekard. This exercise is basically what he is like as a person in my solo works.

I am Xeranad Lekard. I am known as the Lord of Darkness Eternal... perhaps those who have given me this title are right. Maybe I am a force of darkness... but what can they possibly know of who I am? Do they know what it is like to fight for something precious... only to watch as what you treasure most is destroyed. How can they possibly understand the pain I feel? Yet they continue to judge me as a monster and do not even try to understand the pain of eternity.

What did I treasure most? My wife. My beautiful, innocent wife, Gwendolyn Winterhaven. She had hair as golden as the dawn, and eyes as lovely as sapphires. She was my everything... she was my world. And then that world came to an abrupt and violent end.

My half sister, Narissa, filled with incestuous desire for myself, and jealous of Gwendolyn, murdered her. I came just in time to witness the killing blow to Gwendolyn's delicate form. She died by the hands of my own family... and to a half sister who said she loved me too much to let a peasant girl ruin the family bloodline... but I knew what she really had in mind.

In that moment, everything that I believed to be the absolute truths of the world were turned on their heads, and my soul became cold and dark inside. Blinded by rage, I murdered my half sister with my bare hands, yet I felt neither satisfaction nor enjoyment in the deed. Instead, my heart only further sank into the abyss of despair. I felt a great darkness awaken within me, one that threatened to consume me if I let myself become consumed by my own emotions. I would not let this shadow lurking within me to devour my being. I may no longer have a purpose in life, but I know that I can forge for myself a new one.

But what to do? I was still bound into the service of King Arthur Pendragon, and nothing I could possibly think of could release me from this oath of loyalty... until I decided that he was now an obstacle. So, I planted the seeds of hatred and rebellion within Camelot itself. Lancelot, Morgan le Fey, Mordred, and Nimue the Lady of the Lake all became my unwitting pawns, and with them I brought the once great kingdom down into the darkness of obscurity. All my former comrades had either killed each other off or had their lives extinguished by my own hands. Only Morgan le Fey, seeing what she had done, managed to escape my grasp. However, her survival would not hinder my goal in the slightest. With my service to Arthur ended through deception and violence, I was free to search the world for a way to bring my wife back from death.

The End

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