First Phase: FiveMature


'There are no such things as vampires, its impossible' Lacey thought to herself as she made her way along the footpath and towards school, however Lacey's mind wouldnt stop racing, 'if there are no such thing as vampires then whats that bite mark on your neck from?' Lacey thought to herself, a hand moving up to the wound on her neck, and she flinched slightly as a slight pain from the wound shot through her.

Lacey hadn't been able to get a good look at the guy who attacked her through the night air, however what she had noticed was his unnaturally pale skin which seemed to stand out in the darkness of the night.

As Lacey approached the school gates, she slipped herself easily into the sea of students, wearing identical uniforms to herself, and made her way towards the student entrance, trying not to be seen - she didnt feel very sociable today. However luck wasnt on her side and she soon found herself in the company of her two best friends who had spotted her and hurried over.

"Hey" Anna greated her with a warm smile which Lacey couldnt help but return, "You disappeared from the party quite early on last night Lacey, where'd you go" her other friend Sally asked, a smile widening on her features, she obviously thought that Lacey had gone off with a lad.

"I went home" Lacey replied simply and Sally's smile faultered, "You are joking right? - With all those fit guys there and you go home?"

Lacey rolled her eyes, she could sense what was coming, Sally was going to go into rant mode saying how 'Mr Right' was just around the corner if I only looked hard enough. Lacey switched off, as predicted Sally had done just that and Lacey tried to look remotely interested while scanning the crowd, for some reason she felt as though she was being watched, and she was right.

Just visible in the distance she spotted him, Tall and intimidating with tousled jet black hair which contrasts sharply with his unnaturally pale skin. He caught her eye and she could see pure hatred in his eyes. He opened his mouth slightly and even at a distance there was no mistaking the fangs, Lacey was right, vampires did exist.

Ah Crap.

To make things ten times worse, he was wearing the schools uniform, meaning he went to this school and Lacey would have to watch her back if she wanted to stay alive.

Double Crap.

The End

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