First Phase: FourMature

Damien paced his room in frustration.

He was still furious at himself for letting the human escape. He was angry at her, at himself, at everything. The thing that had been so infuriating was that he had never been beaten by a human before. A human girl. He couldn't even explain what had made him let her go which was the frustrating thing.

It had always been so simple, whenever he'd gotten thirsty, he'd go out, he'd kill and he'd satiate his desire. To have it thrown out of shape and challenged so defiantly was unsettling to him.

Now he had the trouble of his thirst and of the girl telling others about what he was.

It was obvious he was a vampire, especially since he'd physically bitten her. But would others believe her? They'd either scoff and tell her she was mental, or just assume some psycho was on the prowl raise the pitchforks and all hell would break loose. She had to be disposed of. He couldn't let her escape.

He couldn't.

* * * *

High School. 

The most trivial, tedious thing any human could face in their lifetime. Damien had gone to school, once, a very long time ago... He'd always hated it. Because of his naturally odd behavior that was considered out of the "norm", he had been an easy target for bullies. A few kicks here, maybe a punch or two, but one thing had never gone amiss. The verbal abuse.

"Your dad's a murderer" was their favourite saying. Damien had always fiercely defended his father, but it went on for so long that he grew weary of it and just let the insults come. He had tried to create a shield, to deflect their taunts, but he had always been sensitive and so it often bothered him. His mother had been killed when Damien was ten years old, all the evidence pointed to his father. Damien felt it was his duty to protect his father, but he often wondered if he was doing the right thing. 

He watched the humans file out of the double doors, travelling in groups of twos and threes, gossiping animatedly. He had observed humans long enough to blend in by now, but blending in wasn't of his interest today.

There she was.

She was alone, her shoulders were hunched slightly, as though trying to remain small and insignificant to her fellow students. Damien saw her cross the main road, avoiding expensive cars and school buses, before starting off down the road. He had been in the process of following her, when three other girls stalked up to her. They oozed confidence. Damien got a faint whiff of flower-coated perfume, mingled with the sweet heady scent of their blood. 

As the girl's head turned to greet her friends, her eyes met his. They remained impassive for the better part of a second, before all the horror and fear quickly leaked into her emotions. Her mouth opened in a small 'O' and her face dropped. 

By the time her friends turned to see what the big deal was, Damien had disappeared. 

It would have to be some other time.

The End

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