First Phase: ThreeMature


The moon's reflection rippled across the surface of the lake in the middle of the park and nothing but the hooting of the odd owl could be heard.

Lacey stumbled through the darkness making her way through the desolate park and towards her house on the edge of town, pulling her coat tighter around herself as the cool night air whipped past her.

Something rustled in the shadows making Lacey look around frantically for the sourse of the noice and saw a cat sculking by a tree, its wide yellow eyes staring unblinkingly at her.

She was letting her imagination get the better of her she thought as every snapping twig was making her jump, or was she? Ever get that feeling that something is watching your every movement waiting to pounce?

Suddenly in the shadows she saw something moving, a figure - a male figure. It loomed out of the darkness and in a moment was stood in front of her.

The figure standing in front of her was tall, with tousled jet black hair, he couldnt have been more than 18 years of age. "What's a young thing like you doing wandering the park at night?"he asked Lacey, taking a step towards her. The boy was quite intimidating in his stance and made Lacey quite nervous.

"I, um, I'm on my way - on my way home," Lacey stammered, taking a little step backwards.

"Really? You look lost" he said with a smile.

"No, I'm fine... thanks. I should really go now..." Lacey said before starting to walk away, however the mysterious stranger grabbed her arm and covered her mouth to stop her screaming. She struggled against him but he was unusually strong and held her tight, pinning her arms to her side.

'Sorry about this love, I can't help myself,' he murmured against her neck. She could feel his hot breath against her neck and her breaths coming out in rags as she tried to fight against him again.

She felt his teeth scrape against her bare skin and in one swift movement he bit into her, sucking her blood and moaning with pleasure. Lacey struggled and tried to scream again but couldnt make a sound.

She closed her eyes, expecting nothing but death as drop by precious drop her blood was being sucked away.

Suddenly however his grip loosened and Lacey was able to wriggle free from his grasp and without wasting any time she pulled off her shoes, enabling her to run as fast as her legs would carry her to the safety of her home.


The End

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