First Phase: TwoMature


He was passing through the park when he first saw her.

It was approaching midnight so his surroundings were pretty much desolate. The abandoned swings creaked with each movement that they made in the cool wind which whistled past him, ruffling his hair slightly. He didn't even know what he was doing there anyway. The others would be wondering by now. There were times when he thought to himself that it would be so much easier to just get away, but then if he really thought about the consequences that would soon follow he knew it wasn't worth it.

Something caught his attention though. A warm, pleasant scent carried along the light summer's breeze. It reminded him of everything sweet: honey coated chocolate, the moment of complete ecstasy as his fangs pierce the fragile skin of a delicate neck and his mouth is filled with the thick heady taste of blood. 

His head jerked sharply to the left where he saw a girl walking by herself. 

He was over there in a flash, not even bothering to waste any time. All he could think about was the wild, agonizing pain that had suddenly flared within his own throat, despite his recent feed. The girl looked up, startled. 

Another pretty one, he mused to himself. She had wide blue eyes that were now frozen in fear and thick light brown hair that fell past her shoulders and down to her waist. Mascara was smeared down pale cheeks and her damp top clung to her skin, quite evidently see-through. He let his eyes linger over her form appreciatively before his mouth tilted into a smile.

'What's a young thing like you doing wandering the park at night?'

'I, um, I'm on my way - on my way home,' the girl stammered, taking a little step backwards. 

'Really? You look lost.' 

'No, I'm fine... thanks. I should really go now...' 

He let the girl pass him before reaching out to grab her. She yelped, but he clamped a hand over her mouth, pinning her arms to her side. 

'Sorry about this love, I can't help myself,' he murmured against her neck. He felt the familiar, dull ache of his fangs as they sharpened, and not wanting to waste another precious second, he bit into her.

She tasted just as good as he had imagined and a moan escaped his lips as he pulled away. Blood ran down his mouth, the girl struggled and screamed against his hand, but all he could focus on was how damn good it was. He could never get used to this feeling, it was something that nobody could familiarize themselves with. It always took him by surprise, rendering him amazed by the sheer bliss of it. If he believed in any type of Heaven, this would be it.

Without warning, his mind exploded in a bolt of pain.

His grip on the girl loosened, he barely noticed her escape. All he was aware of were the flames of agony in his mind right now. He doubled over, cursing, clutching his head between his hands. Falling to his knees, he let out a feral snarl. It felt as though a million knives had been plunged repeatedly all over his body, emanated from within his skull.

Then it stopped.

Everything fell silent with a deathly hush. He was left panting for breath on the cold, concrete floor, watching the girl run for her life.

What the Hell had just happened?

The End

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