First Phase: OneMature

The cigarette smoke was unfurling from the glowing embers which still remained in the ash trays on the tables, creating a layer of wispy cloud throughout the entirety of the pub. Amongst all of this, Lacey sat by herself; watching the seconds tick by, her pint of cider untouched and her phone clasped in her hand.

 Music blasted out of the speakers at the other end of the pub and people bobbed mechanically up and down to the rhythm of the song, not a care in the world.

Lacey pocketed her mobile and stared at the pint of cider which was sitting fizzing away on the table. She picked it up and downed it in one, setting the glass back down on the table with a thud.

 As Lacey was such a lightweight when it came to alcohol, the cider she had just drunk went straight to her head and she made a beeline for the dance floor, joining the mechanic bobbing of the knees and flailing of arms which now constituted as a form of dancing.

When her feet were killing her from dancing in heels which she was sure she would break her neck in if she wasnt careful she made her way carefully back to her seat and pulled off her boots, allowing her feet to 'breath'.

As her eyes flicked around her immediate enviroment she spotted two girls dressed up to the nines slouching against the bar stools, their long slender legs in large stiletto heals. Perfect for making them look twice as tall and also perfect for making people feel small and powerless - something Lacey always felt when she was in the presence of these girls.

The girl, Poppy with her long flowing silvery blonde hair and long slender legs looked up from her drink and spotted Lacey who was trying to stay unnoticed. She smiled sinisterly then turned back to her drink and muttered something to her friend.

They both laughed secretively before making there way over to the table where Lacey was sitting. Poppy slid into the seat next to Lacey and Lacey couldn't help feel a shiver run down her spine.

"Hey Lacey, what are you doing here?" Poppy asked coolly, taking a sip of her blue vodka.

"I am here with friends on a night out" Lacey replied leaning back in her chair, she had decided that she wasnt going to let Poppy and her materialistic friends spoil her night out.

"Where are they?" Poppy's friend Nikki chimed in, "I can't see them can you Poppy?" she giggled and grinned maliciously.

"No I can't Nikki ... and that means there is no-one here to stand up for you" Poppy whispered to Lacey, and Lacey was suddenly very aware of the inevitablity of what was to come next.

With one swift moverment Poppy poured the remainder of her vodka over Lacey's head. "Come on Nikki, lets go" she said tugging her friends arm and pulling her out of the pub, both were crying with laughter at their childish behaviour.

Lacey stared after them, allowing the blue vodka to drip from her wet hair and run down her face, slowly ruining her makeup. They'll get what's coming to them Lacey thought as she began to dry herself off.

At this thought, Lacey's lips curled into a smile as if subconciously she knew they would.

The End

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