Respectful Meeting

Lucifer Lokison

With Jeremy safely in my room with Helena, I walk down the hall towards my mothers chambers.

Reaching the door, I take a second to make myself presentable, coming my hair through my fingers and flattening my clothes before knocking on the door. 

"Enter," My mothers frail voice calls through the wood. I take a deep breath before opening the door and stepping in, closing it again behind me. "Lucifer darling! Come where I can see you." Mother says from her permanent position on her bed. 

Obediently, I walk silently over the carpeted floor and stand at the top of the bed. 

"Mother." I say with a nod, 

"Come closer boy, you would think you were afraid of your dear old mother!" She says with a soft laugh. Immediately I walk to her side of the bed and sit down, taking her soft hand in mine. 

"Never Mother." I tell her, looking straight at her face where unseeing eyes look up at me.

She takes her other hand and runs it along my face, my cheek, my lips. 

"Something bothers you boy, what?" She asks.

"Just a disagreement with Helena." I tell her shortly, moving my hand away so as she does not feel the frown on my face, 

"You are not disputing again? Never have I seen siblings who fight so much." Mother says, her hand finding my face again. 

"You have never seen me and Helena Mother." I say bitterly. 

"I am sorry son." She says with such sorrow I know she means it more than she could ever make us believe. "How is your sister? She has not come to me lately." 

"Helena is fine. She is still visiting the Midguards" I tell her then turn as the door opens. 
"Lucifer." Father says as he walks into the room and sits on the other side of Mother who snuggles up to him. 

"Father." I smile, getting up. 

"Don't leave son," Mother calls, sounding distressed. Father takes her flailing arms and kisses them gently. 

"It's alright Timatha. He just has studies to finish." He says, nodding at me to leave. 

"Ok. Cme and see me again. And tell your sister to come." Mother pleaded as I back away, 

"Ok Mother." I tell her, turning out of the room.

Once out, I glare at the door. Ever sopince mother did that spell to allow Loki his magic back, Father has been besotted to her. 

With a snarl, I turn to go back to my room to taunt Helena some more about her weakness. 
Nearing the corridor to my room, I hear voices. Not servants voices. The voices of those Avengers kids. I grin. Helena brought them to me. Maybe she is worth more than I originally thought. 

With that thought on my mind, a grin much like my fathers on my face, I turn the corner ready to congratulate Helena.

What comes out instead is a scream of rage. Helena, Jeremy and the rest of the kids vanish through a portal. 

A snarl erupts from my throat as I lunge over to where the portal was. A quick energy reading and I know they went back to my cousins apartment. 

I wave my hand, fixing the hole they made in my wall and sit at the desk. 

They will be warning there parents now. If I want them, I will have to take Demitria first. But then Uncle would come for her. I can send Uncle on a wild good chase on Jotunhiem that should keep him occupied. The mortal, Jane would be unable to communicate with Thor. 

With a slow grin forming on my face, I set my plan into motion. I will get revenge, and my mothers sight back. And no one will stop me. 

The End

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