We ran down the corridor, and I wasn't sure whether we were running towards the footsteps or away from them. They sound seemed to reverberate around us, and yells from our would- be captors seemed one moment to be right behind us, the next miles away.

"Where do we go?" Jeremy yelled as we all swung round a corner.

"Somewhere safe, then we can go home!" I heard Jason reply and at the same time I saw a door in front of me.

"There!" I cried and we veered towards it. The door slammed behind us and we all fell against each other, exhausted. "Come on, quick." I grabbed hands, and once we were all joined together we were returned to earth. To my flat to be precise.

"Where are we?" Brianna asked, staring around us.

"My apartment." I replied, grabbing my phone. "I'm going to call everyone."

"What makes you think they'll believe you this time?"

"We have her." I pointed at Helena. "She'll tell them."
 The phone was dialing and after three rings:



"Demi, I didn't recognise the number. Where are you? I thought you were with my sister."

"I am, but we're at my place. Brad we've got a situation. It's pretty much like we talked about at the party. I need your help."

"What is it? Are you all ok?" I smiled momentarily at the concern in his voice. "We're ok, for now. We need all the parents to know, Loki's son is causing trouble. I tried telling my dad but he didn't believe me."

"So what do you want me to do?"

"Get out of bed and raise the alarm, then get your ass over here so we can figure out a plan." I replied. I could feel the others waiting anxiously behind me.

"Just my ass?" I heard him reply jokingly but I knew he was doing as I'd asked. I could hear the rushing about happening even now.

"Smart arse."

"I'll be there soon. Look after them."

"I will."

"And Demi? Look after yourself too." He hung up and I laid the phone down with a small smile, despite the situation.

"Alright, Brad is going to get the parentals. Now we just have to sit tight. Don't panic." I said to the younger ones. "Just get yourself a drink, and help yourself to a weapon just in case." I flipped a switch under the kitchen counter and one of the counters slid aside, displaying the weapons I had installed there. They wandered over and started choosing their weapon.

"Do you think your brother will follow us?" I asked Helena.

"Not with all of you here at once, and your parents on the way. He'll lay low and figure something else out. I think."

"You think?"

"I hope." She muttered.

The End

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