Demetria suddenly jerked and her eyes went glassy. I jumped up from the table,

"Jarvis, we need water for Demi!" I shouted to the computer,

"It's in the kitchen, miss." He said calmly. Shaking my head i ran to the kitchen to get the water.

The team was in my living room, we were waiting for Jeremy to show up so we could talk about actually being a team.

I came back to the room carefully carrying a glass of water, when I came back Demetria was back to normal, but looked worried, she was talking. 

"-She's in trouble, we need to help her."

"Who's in trouble?" I ask, having missed it

"My cousin, Helena." Demi replies.

"where is she?"

"Trapped, at home."

"In Asgard?"


"Alright... should we get her?" A chorus of agreement sounded out. I nodded in confirmation.

"Let's go then!" I say, putting my fist into the air, then i  subside. "How do we get there?"

"Just a minute..." Demi grabs our hands, and we sit in a circle, all holding hands, even Jason. There's a flash of light and suddenly we aren't in my house anymore. We're sitting in an imaculate hallway, everything is very large, but dim, I leap to my feet, pulling some of the others up with me.

"Is it this one?"

Demetria nods, "it should be."

"Well, let's hope it is!" I pull out the blaster pistol that i had put on my belt, just in case, and point it at the door.

With a crash the door, and half the wall, disintegrated in the harsh light of my blaster. I stepped through the ruined doorway into the ruined bedroom beyond.

"Whoops... did i do this?" I ask.

"I don't think so, Jason says, coming in behind me. "This stuff was burned, not vaporized. Hey Jeremy." I see Jason wave at someone, and looking over i see that it is indeed Jeremy.

"Hi Jeremy!" I call out, maybe a bit too loudly... i need to work on the sound filter.

There was a girl in the room too, I guess this would be Helena.

"Hello Helena." I hear Demi say. "What happened?"

"Luc locked us in here with a spell." Helena said.

I tried to stifle a laugh at the word "spell." I earned a glare from Helena and Demi for the strangled noise that escaped.

"Sorry," I say "But it seems that a powerful Asgardian should be able to break a little spell. Especially because i blasted right thro-" I break off, not liking the evil glare i'm getting from the Asgardian girls.

Jason started herding the everyone out of the room. "Let's figure out how to get out of here." We all agree and follow him out. I notice Jeremy falling behind.

"Come on Barton!" I call back to him. I instantly regret it, because as my voice stops echoing around the walls, we here heavy footsteps coming towards us.

"Run!" Jason whispers, and starts down the hall.

The End

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