Jeremy: Compromised

"...If you accept that, in your heart, you will know peace."

-Loki, Avengers

I stood calmly in front of Lucifer, the guy who thought he could control me. I'd been fighting his control for several minutes now, but I could still feel his conciousness inside me, bending me to his will, his one goal; to destroy the Avengers. It was a two way door though, and I could easily see that his plan was flawed. Killing the Avengers would not be enough. They would have to be humiliated beyond all hope of redemption. The Avengers would have to fail, in order to fall.

Something switched inside me, and I stopped fighting Lucifer's hypnotism. I felt, good, free even. Still, I pretended to be hypnotised as I was pushed through a glowing portal-thing that led me to a room that seemed to have been recently set on fire, or maybe, blown up.

"Lucifer, please dont do this." The only unscathed thing in the room, a fairly beautiful girl with dark hair, said, almost on the point of whimpering.

"You should be helping me," Lucifer snarled in reply before sweeping out the door. I managed to catch a glimpse of a fairly pristine hallway before the door shut again. With a plan already hatching in my head, I made myself shiver convincingly, pretending to snap out of the hold Luc thought he had on me. The "Them" Luc had mentioned was obviously the Avengers, or at least their kids. My thoughts went back to Kathrine, Demi, Jason, and Brianna, all waiting for me at the Stark home. I shoved their faces out of my thoughts, I had a new goal now, and they werent part of it. For now, I needed Helena to trust me, if she was going to work with Luc's plan. The guy really didnt know what he was doing, threatening her wouldnt do him any good. Fortunately, I did know what I was doing.

Feighning ignorance would be best for now, "What-" I stammer looking around the wrecked room, still smoking in places, before my gaze fell on the girl, "Who are you?"

"Helena," she said, sitting down on the mostly wrecked bed.

"Arent you the one who warned Demetria?" I stepped back, pretending to be aghast. "You're her cousin, right? Why'd you warn her if you were gonna kidnap me anyway?"

"I didnt take you, Lucifer did."

"And you didnt stop him?" I asked, honesly disgusted at this Asgardian's lack of backbone. I knew the stories, she was half Ice Giant, and she'd done absolutely nothing to stop her brother, cept beg him, of course, after I'd gotten here.

"There was a bloody lock on the door. I can not get out!" She was starting to glow now, and she did seem a bit steamed. I suppressed a grin and took another step back, toward the door. If I could only get her to blast the door...

"Its alright." She said, concentrating and the glow went away. Dangit, she had a good lid on it. "I wont touch you." She thought I was afraid of her. Okay, Plan B.

"Can you communicate with anyone? Warn them?" I didnt know what of, Luc seemed to be content with his mischief for today. Maybe she could get someone to get us out of here. I couldnt do anything locked in a room.

"I might be able to communicate with Demetria, but only if she will accept it."

"Try." I ordered, she raised an eyebrow at me, but complied.

"Demetria?" She said out loud. I rolled my eyes, she was begging again, this time for someone to listen to her. "Dont freak out please," I crossed my arms. "Lucifer has got Jeremy and I cant get us out." That wasnt worth freaking out over? I knew Demetria was a pretty level-headed girl. Well, whatever, so long as the message got through, and I could start my plan.

"Looks like its just us two," Helena said after a few minutes.

"Yeah, sure does," I agreed. "What happened here anyway?" I gestured around the smouldering room.

"I got mad," Helena said, looking away, as if in shame, or maybe, she thought I was afraid of her. Heh, I'd grown up knowing the Banners, and one angry Asgardian, magic or not, had nothing on the Hulks.

"Remind me never to get on your bad side." I said casually, examining the door. I tried the handle, and it was locked, but the door might have been weakened by the same thing that destroyed the rest of the room.

"Stand back, I'm gonna break down the door." I told Helena. I would not be stuck in a room like a useless civilian. I took a deep breath then BANG. Half the wall vanished in a flash of light and a lot of dust.

The End

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