Double Trouble

Helena Lokidaughter
A scream of rage rips through the room as I let my magic loose, watching it destroy everything in the room.
A shiver of magic, not my own, makes itself known and Jeremy Barton walks in a dreamlike state threw the portal, Lucifer right behind him.
"Lucifer, please don't do this." I plead with him. 
"You should be helping me, not stuck here with them." Lucifer snarls and, with a wave of his hand, he has left the room. A shiver goes over Jeremy as Lucifers hold on him vanishes.
"What- " he begins, taking in the destroyed room around him, then his eyes catch mine, "who are you?"
"Helena." I tell him, repairing Lucifers broken bed before taking a seat.
"Are you the one who warned Demetria?" He asks me, taking a wary step back, "her cousin. Why did you warn her just to take me anyway?"
"I didn't take you, Lucifer did." I explain, fighting to keep my patience in check.
"And you didn't bother stopping him?" Jeremy asks, disgust evident in his voice.
"I couldn't!" I snap, losing my control, "he put a bloody lock on the room, I can not get out!" I continue, feeling my magic let loose, a slight green mist surrounds my body.
Jeremy swallows and takes a step back.
"It's Alright," I tell him, rolling my eyes and rolling the mist back in my body, "I won't touch you," 
"Well, can you communicate with anyone? Warn them?" He asks, slowly moving to the other end of the bed.
"I might be able to communicate with Demetria, but only if she will accept it." I tell him.
"Try." He orders me, I raise an eyebrow but oblige, closing my eyes.
Reaching down to my ball of magic, I take a short bit and pull it up into my mind, I instruct it to call for Demetria and feel the link slowly form.
"Demetria?" I say allowed, "don't freak out, please. Lucifer has got Jeremy and I can't get us out." I say, sending the message through the link.
After the entail confusion then the affirmative, I let the Link go before it weakens me too much.
"Looks like it is just us two." I say, turning to Jeremy.
"Yeah, sure does." He replies looking around the destroyed room, "what happened here?" He adds.
"I got mad." I admit, looking away from him.
"Remind me to never get on your bad side."

The End

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