Jeremy: Let Me Get This Straight

"Let me get this straight" I muttered into the phone. I'd been laying in bed, puzzling over Nick Fury's message to my parents for like, the third night in a row, when my cell phone rang, it was Katherine's home phone. When I picked it up, three different girls started talking at once. Eventually they all calmed down and Demetra told me about her cousin.

"Let me get this straight, you were told, by some girl who just appeared out of nowhere, that you two are cousins, and that your cousin's brother, who is also your cousin, is going to kill us all."

"Yes." All three girls said in unision. The effect on the phone was unsettling.

"Alright, I'll be right over." I hung up and climbed out of bed, pulling on jeans and a jacket over my pjs and tied my shoes as quickly as possible. I headed straight for the door, only to be stopped by the abrupt appearance of a guy about my age with black hair and wearing a sneer on his face that would curdle cheese. Yeah, you heard me, cheese.

"Who are you." I asked, of course, who wouldnt ask that if a strange kid just appeared out of nowhere.

"Thats none of your concern," He said, before, moving faster than I could react to, he grabbed my collar and pulled me forward, catching me by the throat.

"You will obey me." He said, snakelike. I couldnt struggle, I couldnt resist. I just hung there, choking.

"I-I-" I tried to say, but it was the only thing I could get out with his hand in my windpipe. He released me, and I staggered back, gasping for air.

"My name is Lucifer, son of Loki." He said. "And you will obey me." He looked me straight in the eyes, and once again, I couldnt move, I couldnt resist. I felt my head nod.

"Whatever you say."

The End

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