Helena: awkward meeting

Having heard my fathers plans, I know immediately I need to warn the Avengers. The kids never did anything to deserve this. 
Decision made, I head to the kitchens, find the portal and head through it, thinking of my cousin, Demetria. 
So as not to frighten her enough to hammer me to death, I decide to cloak myself and float at the roof. 
The sounds of the shower turn of. Five minutes later, she comes back into the living room and sits, ready to watch the television box. 
"Hi" I hear myself say. She jumps up from her seat and spins around, shock and fear in her eyes. A grin lights up my face at her confusion but I decide to speak. I am not my brother. "Up here." I say, uncloaking my self from her. 
"What...who are you?" Demetria asks me. I catch sight of her fingers twitching and feel my hair curling as electricity begins to build. My heart hammers but I do not show it. 
"Woah! Wait! I'm Helena. I need to speak to you." I tell her, raising my hands in the mid guardian way of surrender. 
"I don't know a Helena." Demetria tells me, the electricity not getting any lighter. I can't help the roll of my eyes at that statement. 
"No, but I know you." I tell her lightly. 
"Come down, then we can talk." I relax as she accepts the conversation but I don't relax fully, there is still the sense of electricity in the room. If I am caught of guard, I am pretty sure a shock would HURT.  
"Ok." I say allowed as I let myself down, making sure to put space between us, enough for a protective shield if I need it. 
"Alright. Helena who?" Demetria asks first. I take a deep breath before speaking, making sure a shield is ready to spring in place. 
"Helena, daughter of Loki." I say, steeling a look into her eyes. I see her figure out who I am. I don't see any anger. 
"Loki..." She says, working out where she heard the name. 
Realisation dawns on her face. 
"You are my cousin. What are you doing here?" She asks. Straight to the point. I think I am beginning to like her. 
I am not sure how to begin. 
"I had to see you..." I start but it doesn't sound right. I have seen her. "I have something to tell you." I say, deciding it sounds better. 
"Why should I trust anything you say? Your father..." I see the immediate mistrust in her eyes and can't help but feel hurt inside. Am I to be forever not trusted because of my bloodline?
"Yes I know. But this is not for him. This is because I can't stand what he is planning." I tell her, hoping she will listen. 
"What makes you think I'd believe you?" Is her predictable reply. 
"Because I'm telling the truth." I tell her with serenity. She raises an eyebrow but doesn't interrupt. I continue. 
"My brother..."
"Wait, you have a brother?" She asks me her tension making the rooms electricity raise a notch higher. 
"Yes. Lucifer. And he wants revenge on what your parents did to father." I tell her. "He wants to hurt them by taking all of you."
"And why are you warning me?" She asks. It takes me a minute to answer. I did not receive my fathers "silver" tongue. Lucifer got that. I eventually find an answer. 
"Because I am sick of being downgraded by him. He is the perfect child. I am just the left over girl. I am sick of it." 
"So you are warning us for revenge on your brother?" Demetria asks. I know I said the wrong thing.  
"No! Well, yes. A bit. But it's mainly because you did nothing wrong. Non of you guys did or your parents. It was Father who was in the wrong." I tell her. 
<I>Helena. Come to my chambers. I need you to help with something.</I> I wince at my brothers commanding mental voice. 
"Just, remember what I said. Warn the others." I tell her as I start to open a portal. 
"Where are you going? Why can't you warn them?" Demetria asks as the portal appears next to me. I guess she is used to it, having seen Thor go through one. 
"I have to go. Otherwise Lucifer will know I warned you. Please, don't let him get you." I say as I step though the portal, directly into my brothers room. 
"Helena." He greets me. 
"Lucifer." I say back, refusing to meet his eyes. 
"You have betrayed me. Our father. How could you do that?" He asks me, I risk a look into his eyes. The anger, disappointment and plain rage terrify me. 
"Tell me or watch your little avenger friends die." he sneers. 
"They did nothing to you." I tell him slowly, diplomatically. 
"Really? Well I am going to do something to them!" Lucifer shouts as he turns, opens a portal and steps through it. 
"Lucifer, don't!" I scream too late. He vanishes. 
I go to open a portal of my own to find it will not obey me. 
<I>You really should pay more attention in class Helena.</I> Lucifer tells me. Realising he has locked his room from any means of escape, I slump back onto his bed and try and fight the tears screaming at me to allow them freedom. 

The End

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