Jason: Bonding

I woke up and immediately, I knew something was off. Everything was silent. I went downstairs and nobody was there, whereas usually my mother would have been there to slide a bowl of cereal into my hands and get me a glass of milk. Odd...wait.

Not today. Please, not today. This only ever happened when Dad wanted to have a "bonding" day with me. That typically meant we would spend the day training. I had specifically told my parents last night that I would be busy. I had work to get done, and then I wanted to hang out with a few normal friends from school.

I ventured outside and found them both standing in the backyard, Mom wearing her glasses and one of her nice suits, Dad in full Captain America uniform, shield in hand, along with a few additional toys from the boys over in the not-so-secret-anymore agency by the same name. He tossed me the shield, pointed me to the garage where I saw my suit hung up waiting for me, and said, "Suit up. Time for some training."

After donning my suit and being given Dad's shield and some of the SHIELD equipment, I was directed to the top of the hill behind our house. On my way up, I noticed some black cardboard targets and some red "civilian" markers that I was supposed to react to at the proper time and in the correct way on the way down. As soon as I reached the top, I rushed the nearest black target and proceeded to turn back down the hill, with a little more speed to my pace this time. After a few waves of opponents, I ran into an empty space that spread down to the base of the hill. I quickly decided to have a little bit of fun with this. In one swift motion, I flipped my shield down under me and dropped onto it, riding it like a sled to the bottom. Then, I sprang up as the improvised sled was just slowing down and threw it at the nearest target. Finally, with the last hostile target, I charged and hauled him to the ground, snapping the head to the side as we landed. I leaped to my feet, retrieved the shield, and reported back to my father.

"Good work, son!" He congratulated me as I drew near. "That was a lot quicker than your last time. I liked the move with the shield on the way down. That was pretty cool... If only I could still pull that off."

Mom then approached me and said, "Great job. Hungry?"

"Yes," I replied emphatically, snatching the sandwich and bottled water from her before she could even actually offer it. "Thanks."

"You're...welcome," she said, half laughing with an amused yet shocked expression on her face.

Looking back to my dad, I noticed he looked as if he was getting ready to inform me of my new task. Anticipating this, I munched on my sandwich for a second and then asked, "What's next?"

The End

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