Katherine: Restlessness

Something seemed off. When I woke up this morning the party had been cleaned up and my parents were working, as usual, but I had a strange feeling. It was similar to the chill I had felt last night, about the avengers. Shaking my head I tried to get rid of the feeling.

I went downstairs to my father's workshop, I typed in the code to get through the door, loud rock music was playing and my dad was busy tooling around with a contraption on his work bench. I ignored both him and the music, and sat at my own workbench. I was working on a project of my own.

"Jarvis, please show me the holographic blueprint of project Kat 218." I said. A holographic wire frame of my project appeared. I spun it around, looking at the model from all angles. "Jarvis can you make this life size?" The small model disappeared from my desk and onto the floor where it had expanded into a full size motorcycle. Finally my dad seemed to notice my presence.

"Hey, Katherine, what are you working on over here?" He walked over to look at my model.

"I've decided on a new form of transportation." I said.

"Your convertible isn't good enough anymore?" He looked hurt.

I smiled, "you can fly, I want to do some of my own flying." I turned back to my workbench were I had some of the pieces worked out for the flying part. I showed them to my dad.

"I hope you don't mind that I borrowed a few of your ideas."

My idea was to use the same technology that my dad had used for his Ironman suit to make my new cycle fly around. I knew my grandfather had played around with hovertech, but i wanted to try it for myself.

"Why would I mind?" My dad mumbled, looking at my design. He wasn't paying attention anymore. any second he would start in on my project!

"Dad, this is my project, you go work on whatever it is you were doing" I pushed him towards his desk. He went obligingly, and I went back to my work.

The End

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