Jeremy: Briefing

I went to bed as soon as we got home from the party, since I was exhausted, but just as I was drifting off, I heard voices coming from down the hall. Groaning, I rolled out of my bed, time to go see whats up. Grabbing my bow, which I kept near the bed, I snapped it open and grabbed an arrow from my competition quiver. I was expecting a quiver like my dad's for my next birthday, the one with the interchangeable arrowheads.

Sneaking down the hall, I noticed a cold blue light coming from my parents bedroom. I slid up to the door and looked through the crack to see Nick Fury's face on my parent's TV screen.

"We dont know what caused the fire yet," He said, his deep voice coming in loud and clear, "but we're keeping everyone involved with the Avengers initiative informed and ready to act."

"Act against what?" Dad asked, he was in his PJs, but standing and pacing, obviously concerned.

"The fire tonight was not an accident," Fury said. "We have reason to suspect Loki is responsible. There are similarities between what happened tonight and what happened twenty years ago."

"We've dealt with Loki before," Mom said.

"Yeah, and his army." Dad added. "What makes you think he'd be eager for a rematch?"

"Twenty years is a long time to sit in jail." Fury replied. "Maybe he just got restless. Keep your phones on, we'll call you if the situation changes. For now, stay put, and keep your kid out of this."

At that last sentence, Dad's eyes flashed toward the door, and seemed to stare straight into mine. I froze, hoping he wouldnt see me hiding in the dark just outside the door, he looked back at the TV seconds later, and I relaxed and slipped away.

"SHIELD will be monitoring all Avenger activities for now," Fury went on to say behind me. "If any of you are targeted, we'll know."

The End

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