Demetria: Cousin

I eased the shoes from my feet and let my head flop on to the back of the couch.

"Gods I love a good party." I switched on the tv and tuned in to 'How I Met Your Mother' and then went to the kitchen to get a drink. Living in your own apartment has it's merits. You can watch t.v whenever you want, get in whenever you want, and the best part, DO WHATEVER YOU WANT. Which can sometimes suck, because I do kind of miss my mum and dad. But the second I go to stay at their house, I'll wish I was back here so... I like it.

I settled myself back on the sofa to watch the the episode, rubbing my eyes. I was tired, but not tired enough to sleep. Or so I thought.


I woke up the next morning with the t.v still on, and light pouring in through the window.

"Ugh, seriously?" I groaned, looking down at the dress. I disappeared in to my bathroom and stripped, diving straight in to the shower and washing away last night. Only then did I slip my pyjamas back on and return to the couch. I had no classes today, so I decided it was going to be a lazy day. A lazy day, something I hadn't had in ages. I deserved it, I convinced myself.


I shot up, spinning around looking for the source of the voice. WHAT THE HELL? There was no one.

"Up here." The voice said, and I looked up at the ceiling. There was a girl floating there. And in a weird moment, I knew I'd seen her before. At the party. She had been the one in the middle of the strange electrical malfunction.

"What... who are you? What are you doing in my apartment?" I twisted my fingers, feeling the tingle which meant I could pull lightening from the sky.

"Woah, wait! I'm Helena. I need to speak to you!"

"I don't know a Helena." The girl rolled her eyes.

"No, but I know you."

"Come down, then we can talk."

"Ok." She floated down in front of me, but not too close.

"Alright. Helena who?"

"Helena, the daughter of Loki."

"Loki..." I breathed. My father's adopted brother. The god. The destructive son of a frost giant... "You're my cousin. What are you doing here?"

"I had to see you, talk to you... I have something to tell you..."

"Why should I trust anything you say? Your father..."

"Yes I know. But this is not for him. This is because I can't stand what he is planning."

"What makes you think I'd believe you?"

"Because I'm telling the truth."

The End

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