Lucifer/Helena Lokison/daughter: trouble


Having found my sister, I teleport us both straight back home, relishing in her fear. She knows she is in trouble and, despite her constant pleading, I will tell father where I found her. She is in for it this time.

"Lucifer, please. Just this one favour." She asks me again as we reach fathers bedroom door.

"No, Helena. You were in the wrong. I will tell father what he must know." I reply, enjoying the hatred that glances in her eyes.

I lift a fist and knock on the door three times.

"Come in." Comes his voice. I open the doors and step aside to allow Helena in first. She glares at me before stepping in the room.

"Helena!" Father sounds delighted to see her but stepping in myself, I can see the warning in his eyes. "Where we're you?"

"No where. I was just hanging." She says, refusing to meet fathers eyes.

"Helena," Father scorns, "why do you persist in lying to me?" He asks her, his voice low and dangerous, a tight smile on his face. Helena gulps and doesn't answer. "Lucifer?" Father asks, green eyes flicking over to mine.

"I found her on Midgard." I tell him silently yelling in triumph.

"Midgard. What have I told you about going there without permission?" Father asks Helena who stares at the carpet. "What were you doing there?" He proceeds to ask. As Helena seems reluctant to answer, I step in.

"Watching The Avengers at Tony Starks daughters party."

"Well, that is helpful. We will have knowledge of them. Smart thinking Helena." Father says. I freeze. Helena is supposed to be getting in trouble. Not rewarded. She disobeyed!

* * *


What? Dos he really believe I will tell him every thing I know about them? No way!

"So, Helena, what do you know?"Father asks me. I look around the room, refusing to look him in the eyes. "Just tell me their names and what powers they posses. Easy." He says.

"The sons are Brad and Brian neither inherited the Hulk but they are great scientists. He has a daughter, Brianna who is a Hulk.

"Natasha and Clint have a son, Jeremy. He is a spy and great at fighting.

"Captain America Has a son Json who is also superhuman." I tell him.

"Interesting. They each only had one. What about Thor?" He asks me.

"Thor has a daughter, Demitria. She can control thunder." I tell him. Then risk a quiestion. "Is it true what they say? Thor is your brother?" I ask.

"Do not call him hat! He is no brother of mine!" Father tells me, standing up and rounding on me.

"Sorry. I was just curious." I tell him, automatically stepping back and banging into my brother. He pushes me towards father, causing me to stumble.

"If you had obeyd me, you wouldn't be curiouse." He tells me.

"Father, the mission?" Lucifer asks.

"Yes. Helena, I want you to help Lucifer capture the Avenger kids and bring them here." He tells me any puzzlement I had felt at Lucifer vanishes immediately. He knew this would hurt me more.

"You can organise how you will do this today. You go out to get the first tomorrow." He tells us. "You are dismissed." He finishes, turning back to one of his many bookshelfs.

Lucifer and I turn and leave the book. Then we stand and look at each other.

"Have fun, sis." He says, turning away.

I have to stop this. I think to myself as I turn in the opposite direction. But how?
The End

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