Jason: Paranoia

This was strange. That was obvious, but it was more than strange. Jarvis had been unresponsive, with no obvious cause - or so I'd heard - and that had never happened before. Ever. That anyone was aware of.

I came back to stand with my friends and they were all either silent or murmuring to each other about what had happened. Even though most of the people here had gone on partying, all of us knew that something wasn't right.

Jeremy was the first to come and talk to me. "Hey," he said as he approached me. "That was really weird."

"Yeah, it was," I agreed. "What do you think happened?"

"Who knows? Could've been any number of things."

"You're right. But, let's start with the basics - the source. Do you think the problem was with something in the house? A faulty connection, or something?"

"Well..." Jeremy paused. "It could have been. But Tony Stark takes great care of all of his electronics. I find the possibility of something being faulty in here to be almost nonexistent. It also could've been..."

I finished Jeremy's sentence for him. "Outside interference? Someone messed with something they shouldn't have?"

"Yeah." Jeremy paused again and ran a hand over his hair, as if thinking hard about something. "I don't know. Whatever it was, it's over now."

"For now, yeah," I added. "But who says it's not going to happen again?"

"Well, if it does, then I guess we'll be a little bit more prepared. For now, looks like the party's gotten started up again. Let's go join them."

I reluctantly followed Jeremy back into the crowd to enjoy the party, but I couldn't shake the feeling: something wasn't right here. It was as if something was suddenly out of place, not as it seemed. But maybe I was just being paranoid. Being raised by a former super-soldier and part-time superhero tends to do that to you.

The End

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