Life Goes On

"Why do you always insist on wearing purple and green, Brianna?" I asked, my typical greeting for any member of the Banner family.

"Because she likes to stand out." Katherine replied for her, as she usually did. Brianna smiled, and we all laughed.

Just then, Demetria looked up, surprised, but when we all turned to look where she was looking, we couldnt see anything. Then the lights started going haywire, and something caught fire.

"Quick call 911!" someone yelled amid all the screaming, but the fire was out before anyone could really do anything.

"Never mind." Someone said into their cell phone, obviously they'd called the fire department.

"What was that about?" Katherine asked.

"I dont know," Jason replied. "But I think its okay now."

I frowned, nothing had really caused the fire. There had been no sparks, and no loose wiring. Mr. Stark was an inventor, he knew how to keep his electronics under control, and usually used wireless stuff anyway.

"Jarvis, what happened?" I asked, pushing a little button by the door.

"I do not know, Mr. Barton," The british accent of the computer met my ears. "I didnt detect any problems before the fire."

"Well, thanks." I said, returning to the group. Attendants roped off the damaged area and the party continued much as it had before. Katherine had recovered from the surprise and was smiling and laughing as usual. She was always so happy, nothing could ever bring her down. I grinned and pulled the girls to the dance floor. "Who's gonna dance with me first?" I asked. I'd just won an archery tournament that afternoon, of course I was feeling a little full of myself. We mostly formed a circle and danced as a group, as the party continued long into the warm Californian night.

The End

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