(Helena Lokidaughter) Finally having escaped my brother, I look around for the nearest gate to Midgard.

they are not gates as such, just little vibrations in the air which, using the powers i inherited from my father, i am able to use to take me where i want to go.

I tiptoe past my fathers room. I don't know where he is. If he is in there, he may call me in. I don't want to go on another stupid mission for him. All the missions he sends my twin and i on, end with someone being hurt.

Finally, just outside the kitchen, I see the slight, almost invisible, shimmer in the air.  i clamp a hand over my mouth to hide the triumphant yell I just about released. It wouldn't do to be caught leaving home. Father would keep me locked in my room for a couple months. The last time had been torturous enough.

I step into the shimmer, my thoughts focused on Midgard. The little planet filled with humans.  It's specific humans I look for though, an image of them pop into my head as the gate swallows me up.

the familiar, comforting tingle covers my skin as the gate takes me across the galaxies and onto Midgard. I close my eyes, seeing stars shooting past me just causes disorientation. Not the wonder i had first thought.

A slight tremor in my speed reveals I am slowing down. When i stop, i immediately cloak the air around me, vanishing from any prying eyes. Only once i am safe do I take stock of my surroundings.

I am just outside a large bright house. Vehicle after vehicle is parked around it. Inside, hundreds of humans mill about, taking, making conversation. With all my heart, i wish i could join in, wander about talking to people. But I can't. I know where i am and have a pretty good guess on why so many people are here. I would be recognised.

It is Tony Starks house. Inside, they are celebrating his daughter, Katherine's 18th birthday. It means the Avengers would be there. I look to much like my father to not be recognised. They would know me immediately.

Steeling my thoughts, I step forward, just in time to be missed by a car coming around the corner. Once parked, Brianna Banner charges out wearing a long, purple dress. I immediately envy her. The dress looks splendid. Lovely, soft material. Her two brothers then come out. The older one, Brad, with a smile on his face. The middle sibling, Brian, just scowls.

I ignore them and continue on, following Brianna. She exchanges a few words with Tony Stark which i do not catch, before heading over to where i can see the other Avenger kids.

Staying invisible, I change my form, a warm fuzziness covering me as i turn into a butterfly. I would never turn into a bug, there horrible, I like butterflies. They're nice.

When the fuzziness fades out of my body, i extend the wings and lift up into the air, hovering over the Avenger kids.

"This is going to be the best party ever!" Kathrine shouts just as Brianna reaches them.

A pang of jealousy makes itself  known in my stomach as i look at them, hugging each other and laughing. I wonder what it feels like to be loved like that, to be able to hug others and them to be fine with it. To laugh at silly stories.

  My thoughts are interrupted by a voice in my head;

Helena, Dad wants you to come to help on a mission. Stop hovering over those stupid little inferior beasts and come back home. Says my brother. I turn around to see him standing in the shadows at the other side of the room, he is looking directly at me.

No. Tell Father I will come when I am ready. I reply back, sending my thoughts through our link.

You asked for this He replies stepping out of the shadows and raising his hands. I freeze, not knowing what he is going to do.

The lights above our heads flicker. Screams of shock erupt from the humans but Lucifer is not finished. He creates a spark which catches on a banner above his head, then the real screams start as the fire spreads.

Stop! I scream at him, you are ruining her party! Come with me and I will get rid of the fire He bargains with me.

After a few milliseconds indecision, i change back tommy normal form, still invisible to the human eye, and float over to my brother.

"Fine. But please, don't tell father I came here" I beg of him.

"Just get a move on." He answers, extinguishing the flames.

Worry quickly turns to fear as we arrive back in our Fathers rooms.

"Where were you, Helena?" Father asks, in a quiet voice, the most dangerous voice he can use.
The End

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