Brianna: Last to Arrive

"Come on, guys, hurry up!" I called to the rest of my family, because they were obviously not as excited as I to go.

Brad came down first, looking stunning in a dark purple suit and green shirt with a purple and green tie. I smiled and  gave him a hug. Close behind him came Dad, looking just as dashing in similar attire. Then Mom in a sparkly green dress, her hair done up fancy. Last came Brian, not looking very happy about the black suit that he had to wear. I looked down at my own purple dress and smiled. We were ready.

I grabbed my bag and headed out the door, followed by my family. We climbed into our car and drove off. When we arrived, I stepped in the house and realized that we were the last to arrive. Of course we were.

I smiled and greeted Mr. Stark as he pointed me in the direction of the dance floor, where I could just barely make out Katherine in the spotlight.

I took a deep breath and heads towards the small group I saw at the edge of the circle surrounding Katherine. I smiled shyly.

"Hey guys." I said with a small wave.

The End

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