Katherine Stark- Happy Birthday

I ran a brush through my hair, trying to get it to lie just right. My mom, Pepper, stood in the doorway, looking slightly flustered, but in control, as always. She was dressed beautifully in a simple black sheath dress, her hair up in a bun. She held her (and Dad's) organizer, tapping it against her fingers as she tried to remember everything for the party.

"A little late for second thoughts, Mom." I said, teasing. Pepper grinned and stopped tapping the organizer.

"I'll meet you down there." She said and strode away down the hallway.

I stood up, pulling my hair out of my face in a clip, knowing that it would proabably excape. I smoothed down the skirt of my new green dress and followed my mother down the hall and to the main room of "Stark Manor" as my friends and I playfully called it. Standing on the edge of a cliff overlooking the Pacific Ocean, the house oooked like a modern day castle, all glass and brick. Everything in the house was run by Jarvis, the smart, sometimes sarcastic computer.

"Lock up and turn off the upstairs please Jarvis." I said as I left the upstairs hallway and began descending the steps. Behind me a decorative gate closed off the top of the stairs and all of the lights clicked off in the hallway and rooms behind it. I met Jeremy at the bottom of the stairs, he looked nice in his suit, if a little uncomfortable.

"Hi Jeremy! You look nice!" I nearly shouted.

"So do you! Happy birthday, Kat." Jeremy returned.

Together we went over towards one of the front windows, to watch for people coming into the house.

"Well, look who it is." I hear a familiar voice call out. I turn from the window and see Demetria, my best friend, standing a few feet away with one hand on her hip, looking spectacular in her formal dress.

"Demi!" I ran up to her and threw my arms around her in a hug. "I've missed you!"

She laughs a little "I missed you too Kat." I let go of her, she smiles at Jeremy

"Hey Jeremy."she says.

"Hey Demi." Jeremy grins. Noticing that i'm no longer the center of attention, I clear my throat.

"Um, guys, my birthday, remember? Focus back on me!" I give a sort of wave and we all start laughing.

"You're so self centered, Kat." Jeremy give s me a light punch on the shoulder. I duck my head a bit.

"It's my birthday, it's a good excuse."They agree and we return to looking out the window.

Suddenly a rock song that we all recognize starts up over the loud speakers.

"Oh that's my favorite song! Come dance with me!" I run onto the dance floor and dance my way through the other guests until i get to the middle of the floor. I manage to clear some space for myself when my friends finally ("finally") make their way towards me.

"This is gonna be the best birthday ever!" I shout over the music.

The End

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