Another Day

(Brianna Banner) I drag my self out of bed, running my eyes. Why does school have to start so early?

After a quick shower, I comb out my hair, put it in a ponytail, and head downstairs for breakfast.

When I walk into the kitchen, I have to blink to make sure I'm not dreaming.

"Brad! What are you doing in the kitchen?" I ask.

He turns and smiles. "What, no good morning?"

I laugh and step over to hug him. "Good morning, Brian! Now, what are you doing in the kitchen?"

He laughs, his brown eyes sparkling. "Mom and dad are already at work, so they asked me to go ahead and cook breakfast for you and Brian."

I smile, taking my seat at the table. Brad always makes the  best food, besides Mom, of course.

I hear Brian coming down the stairs and instantly my mood drops. Even though he's my brother, he doesn't like me much. I'm just glad, as I'm sure he is, that he's graduating this year and then we'll be out of each other's hair.

He sits at the other end of the table and gives me a cold look.

"Good morning, sister." he says coolly, probably only for the benefit of Brad.

"Good morning, brother." I reply, just as coolly.

We have a stare-down for a whole two minutes until Brad comes with our eggs.

I take my fork and thank him, giving one last glance to Brian before attempting to eat. Luckily, Brian is a fast eater and quickly finishing, leaving his dishes to Brad and I. Typical.

I look up at Brad with my puppy dog eyes. "Can you drive me to school today, please?" I beg.

He laughs, ruffling my hair a bit. "Just this once." he says, although both he and I know that it will happen again tomorrow.

After brushing my teeth and grabbing my bag, I hop into the passenger side of Brad's car and turn on the music. That's another thing I love about Brad; we like the same music.

Upon arriving at school, I give him one last hug and open the door.

Now starts another day of school. And another day as the youngest child of the Avengers.

Somedays that's a good thing. Somedays, not.

The End

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