Lucifer, Loki's son, is mad. He is mad because his father willingly accepts his punishment with no thoughts of revenge on his mind. Lucifer has a plan. One that mght prove fatal to the Avengers and their families...
The Avengers are happy. They have 'peacfull' life's and are enjoying having children of their own. But when the most unlikely form of warnings comes to them, they must prepare their children for the battle of their life's. Are they ready? Will they ever be?

(Lucifer Lokison)

"Do you remember those stories I used to tell you, about the Avengers," My father asks me one morning after breakfast, an unreadable expression on his usually serene face.

"Yep," I reply, putting my book down. "How do you fancy a little mission?" he says, immediately catching my attention.

"What kind of mission?" I enquire, feigning boredom whilst inside my heart is leaping in excitement.

"Revenge." He says simply, picking his own book up and placing it, facing me, on the table.

On it, is a picture of each of the avengers. Halkeye, tall, wearing dark clothes and a bow in hand. His expression one of anger. Next to him is the red headed assassin. Her expression cold, calculating. Tony Stark, the billionaire is in his suit. The Hulk has his fists raised, what looks like a grin on his face, captain America in his silly blue suit just looks calm, affirmative, in control. Last, is uncle Thor. In his full armour, menace on his face.

"Yes. I know who they are. What do you want me to do?" I then ask my father, looking up from the heroes.

"I want you to take your sister-" He begins,

"Helena won't do anything to help! She's to goody too shoes!" I quickly complain, glaring at a photo of my twin on the wall behind my fathers head.

"Helena will help you if I tell her to." Father answers shortly, looking a little annoyed, I shut my mouth, not wanting to anger him. "You are to go down to Midgard, find their kids and bring them back to me." He tells me.

"Fine." I answer, already planning how I will take them so, with a smile, I get up and leave the room.

In the room behind, their is no tall, dark haired god, no dirty breakfast dishes and no book on the Avengers. The room is emty.

The End

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