Washing Away... (My Last Words for the Site)

Do you hear it? Can you see it?
The rumbling ground, the dimming skies?
Will our next pages, our Creator omit?
And determine our fate as He sees fit?

Is this truly the end of our story?

Fear not, dearest friends! For

Even as the tempest arouses our cries
Even as the lightning gleams hot in our eyes
Even as we shake beneath the wrath of the skies
Even though the wind, the storm, terrifies--
We shall push on!

Even as Heaven's thunderous whips crack
the land, churn the seas as they froth and crash
Even as the winds wrathfully clash
Even as, our very lives, the storm seeks to catch--
We shall push on!

Even as the earth itself erupts in its rage
And its boiling blood bursts free of its cage,
Bellowing, threatening all in its fiery rage
Bringing death as foretold by many a sage
Yet, in destruction, molding anew the next age--
We shall push on!

Even as the day is swallowed by night
Even as we can no longer locate the light
And, in this darkness, our instincts replace sight
And the hardiest heart quails and trembles in fright,
Even as we feel this tempest's abominable bite
Even as we fall victim to our Antagonist's might--
We shall push on!

We shall not give up this fight.
This won't be our last chapter,
Unwritten is our last page!

So push on!
Push through!
Don't give up!
I'm counting on you.
And, my old friend, if this truly be our end
Then know that I am with you.

For with you, a hero, a wanderer, a legend am I,
A knight, a pilot, a prophet, a spy,
A soldier, a man in tights who can fly,
A sailor, a ruler, even an ordinary guy.
With you, I could be anyone. My own story's protagonist.
Now, I can be anyone. I can be who I want to be-- for real, this time.

I wish you the best as we head our separate ways-- perhaps for good. It's been nearly a year since I went on the site, and I returned to see this... I truly wish I could help. I am still young, as my name implies. I have nothing to give except my words and my wishes.

And if this is where we part, there's really only one thing I can say.

Thank you.


Note: If this is found on a different site, it is most likely because I recently put it there. If you are worried this was plagiarized, please message me, and I will let you know if it was my account that posted it.

The End

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