Protagonize Needs YOU !

Yes, You.

...And Me. Okay.

...US, then.
Protaggers All, please.

Protag's in trouble.
Lack-of-money trouble.
Protag's lights could go out.

Protag's operational costs must be paid every month just to keep the lights on.

Our Nick cannot do this alone.
Nick needs US.

Nick needs...any amount we can donate.
Your pocket change, yeah. Really.

Consider this:
[Just some of our +29,000 Protaggers] X [available pocket change]
= [probably enough pocket change to keep Protag online this coming month].

Keeping Protag's lights On is worth a little of Your pocket change, Yes?

So say No then to that snack whatever.
NO to the guilty glee of snacking between meals.
It's likely fattening.
Worse — it's empty calories.

The snack that's good for your brain.

Future Protaggers will sing of your generosity, and your between-meals wisdom.

Nick has made it easy to donate.
Go to Upper Page Right.
The HELP pull down menu.
Go to Support Protagonize.

* * *

Thanks for your time, Friends.

Now let's consider this writing exercise...

You Hear Protag's Going Offline...FOREVER...YOUR LAST WORDS, PLEASE?

The End

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