NaNo 2009 In 498 Words (Protag says 499)

            “Anna!” called her mother. Anna sighed. Anna sighed again. Anna grinned. Anna’s annoyance vanished.

Anna returned to the computer.

Anna shuddered. “It’s Matt. Anna swallowed. “What sort, Anna?”     “Matt! Matt, look!”

            Matt laughed.         “Goodbye, Anna.             “Thanks, Matt,” whispered Anna, smiling at him shyly. Anna turned.           “Matt!            “Silver and fire,” replied Anna.   “It’s a lighter, doughnut,” Anna replied.          “Anna!” called Matt.        Anna took a step back. Matt yelled.   “Anna!             “Fourteen,” said Anna. Anna’s mother smiled.

“Anna can’t fight them alone!” Anna felt sick.         “Anna!          “Anna, please, be sensible! Matt yelled. Anna stopped screaming and turned.

Anna shook of Callie’s arm.

            “No, Anna, you can’t!     Then Anna remembered her parents.

Matt swallowed. Matt looked at Anna.          Anna squared her shoulders.     “Anna, you have fairy blood.”

            Anna looked at him. Anna looked at the clock. It’s probably ancient, Anna thought. Anna exclaimed. Anna nodded.         Anna started to think.

            “Poor Anna,” said Callie again.            “I’m sorry?” said Anna. Anna replied.

            “Exactly! Anna was startled.

Anna beamed at his praise.

Anna bowed her head, laughing.

            Anna concentrated. Anna was disappointed. Carefully, Anna searched within herself. “Oh, Anna, I’m so sorry.”

            “Anna!” Matt exclaimed.            “Sorry, Matt. Anna frowned.

            “I’m sorry, Anna,” he said. Anna nodded.

            “No, Anna.   Anna opened the door. Anna waited with baited breath. Anna laughed. Anna gasped aloud.

            “Thank you, Anna. Greg looked gravely at Anna.

“I love you, Anna. Spook laughed.     Why was Anna ignoring her?     “Spook?        “Anna? Anna – half fairy?

Spook nodded. Spook smiled. Anna’s eyes gleamed.

Anna’s face puckered in confusion.   Anna nodded.       Anna nodded.       Aelvyn handed Anna a sword. Anna nodded. Anna shrugged. Anna beamed with pride.   Anna shook her head sheepishly. Anna felt ecstatic. Anna smiled and laughed.

Anna nodded.       “A camera,” Anna replied.         “Anna!          “No…” said Anna, cautiously. “            “No, Matt. Matt nodded.

Anna replied. Anna replied affirmatively. Anna laughed.

Anna nodded – that seemed likely. Anna’s heart missed a beat.

Anna smiled. Anna exclaimed.             Anna, it read.

            “It’ll be okay, Anna,” said Matt reassuringly.             Anna’s mind was in turmoil. Matt smiled.

Anna bit her lip.

            Spook nodded.      “Spook?”      Anna jumped up, suddenly terrified.   Matt!             Anna focused.       Matt!             “I completely forgot!” exclaimed Anna. Anna sighed, pleased.

            Central download, wrote Anna. Anna nodded.    “Anna?” Anna said. Mutely, Anna shook her head. Anna can, too.” Anna’s voice was firm, decisive. We’ve got powers, Matt, Anna! Matt laughed.

            “Stop worrying, Anna,” Spook replied soothingly. Anna’s heart sank. Anna looked at her intently. Anna nodded. Anna nodded vigorously.

Anna caught herself wondering. Anna smiled. Anna, 1, Computer, nil.

Anna smiled and waved.

Anna thought fast. Thanks, Tally,” said Anna.           Anna flushed bright red.

Anna shrugged.

Anna grinned.

Spook nodded. Spook nodded. Spook nodded. Anna nodded. Anna laughed.

Thank God Spook’s here, thought Anna.      “Anna?         Anna was silent. Anna loves Matt. Anna loves Matt. "Anna?"           “Hello, Anna.           “Thanks,” said Anna. Anna looked up.

            Anna returned.       Anna nodded. “Anna!” commanded Delorfinde.             Anna sat with eager anticipation.           “Thanks, Anna,” he whispered. Spook nodded.

"Hello, Anna Duignan," he said.

Anna fainted.

Anna said.    “Matt!”

The End

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