"The Tree" Auto-Summarize

Yet another thing I never finished. I think this was a 20 sentence job.

The Tree – First Draft

The field was untouched, and the tree likewise.


            His name was Clive.    Clive had been working on this particular project for almost three years.        “Solve me,” it seemed to whisper.   “Clive,” said Madeline, on one of the rare occasions that she was at home.    “I’m sorry, Maddy. Not work. Not crazy, cursed trees.       “I’m sorry,” Clive told her earnestly. Working hours are long over.”

            “Working hours are over,” Clive repeated.      Somewhat distracted, Clive waved Maddy off the next morning as she prepared to depart for her Antarctic trip.           “I need to go,” Clive told her. Maddy paused, sounding desperately unhappy. “Please, Clive.”

            Clive felt a lump in his throat. Damn it, Clive, why did you even tell me?” 

The End

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