More Summaries!

First up we have a summary of The Fiddle Player, a story I begun and never finished. This one, however (perhaps because it's shorter?) has fewer names and more genuine sentences! 


Mairead smiled, pushing her way through the crowded street at her local shopping centre.             “Wait.”            The tune ended too soon and Mairead realised she was still dithering near the fiddle case.        “Please, Mairead. The boy knew her name.

            Mairead moved away instinctively, frightened. Please, Mairead, for me.”

Mairead had to believe him.   “No,” said Mairead quietly. Just one tune.”

Mairead almost burst into tears. Money rained down into the fiddle case until it was full. “No, it’s not,” said Mairead, protesting.    “Yeah, right.” I didn’t realise. “I don’t need money. Where I live, we don’t—” Mairead bit her lip. We’ll have to have a talk about this, Mairead.”

            Mairead stepped back.

"Sequel to watching no title" however is also plagued by names. Ah, well, I've heard it's just a quirk of MS Word and not my ineffective novelling that's at stake here. Or perhaps we're just both useless?


          “Leah!” It was Cormac’s voice. “Leah, wake up!”          Leah, however, looked thoughtful.           Cormac went white. “Jennie! Leah!”       “Cormac!”     “Jennie ran in ... she heard voices.” “Leah followed her, and I came after Leah.” Jennie’s eyes flew open.        Leah chuckled. Jennie’s the same.” Alys laughed a little sadly. Alys’s voice was quiet.       “Jennie?”

Leah frowned.

Alys sighed. Poor, poor Alys.”

          “Rebecca!” cried Alys in despair.

That last sentence is very fitting if you know the backstory :)

The End

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